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Photo Name Scientific Name Common Name(s)
'Ohe Mauka Tetraplasandra oahuensis 'Ohe Mauka
'Ohe Naupaka Scaevola glabra 'Ohe Naupaka
'Ohe'ohe Tetraplasandra kavaiensis 'Ohe'ohe
'Ohi'a Metrosideros macropus 'Ohi'a
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Ohi'a Ha Syzygium sandwicense 'Ohi'a Ha
'Ohi'a Lehua Metrosideros polymorpha 'Ohi'a Lehua
'Olena Coprosma waimeae 'Olena
'Opiko Psychotria mauiensis 'Opiko
'Uiwi Hedyotis elatior 'Uiwi
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 'Uki'uki Dianella sandwicensis 'Uki'uki
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 ?Ilima Sida cordifolia ?Ilima
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 Aaron's Beard Hypericum calycinum Aaron's Beard
Aaron's Rod Thermopsis villosa Aaron's Rod
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 Abaca Musa textilis Abaca
Abajo Fleabane Erigeron abajoensis Abajo Fleabane
Abata Cola Cola acuminata Abata Cola
Abbeville Iris Iris √ónelsonii Abbeville Iris
Abbot's Bushmallow Malacothamnus abbottii Abbot's Bushmallow
Abbotswood Potentilla Potentilla cinerea Abbotswood Potentilla
Abelia Abelia Abelia
Small_square_4743033523_3f98ccb470 Abelmoschus Manihot Abelmoschus manihot
Aberdeen Dewberry Rubus depavitus Aberdeen Dewberry
Abert's Buckwheat Eriogonum abertianum Abert's Buckwheat
Small_square_alberts_creeping_zinnia_bloom Abert's Creeping Zinnia Sanvitalia abertii Abert's Creeping Zinnia
Abey Amarillo Ouratea littoralis Abey Amarillo